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First post.

Okay. First Post. And to think I should come up with a better title than that. I'm sure gazillion other LJ's start out with this title, so why not?

I've been putting off creating an LJ because it has the dangers of being a repository of my self-deprecating, self-possessed, self-centered thoughts with contents about, well, myself. Oh, the vanity of all vanities! Can't be helped, but I hate that. My life is pretty much... out there. So my LJ entries might sound like an awkward girl on a nerve-wracking first date whose idea of an interesting conversation would be... "The weather's nice today, huh?" See. I'm already self- deprecating.

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Why floatingstars?

It's all about STARGAZING.


Icecapades has transferred to its new home, www.floatingstars.wordpress.com. Please check it out!<3

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Fly High: Subaru Dance! movie review

Subaru has lived most of her life very much like a wild street cat: surviving each day on her own while trying to overcome the tragedies in her life. But there is one thing that keeps her going---her passion for dance. Will she remain hidden in the dark alleys or will her talent shine through for all the world to see?

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Hero on Edge: Buzzer Beat review!

Finally!! I have finished watching Buzzer Beat! After having lots of hesitations even considering to watch it and I know this review might be a little late, but after the last episode I feel like it deserves a some space in this blog. Does this mean that "boozer beat-o" is slam dunk? Or should we call a foul?

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SHINee JoJo performance review

When you think of SHINee you think: over-the-top costumes, crazy, unique hairstyles, strong performances and of course, those tight PVC pants that hug them in all the right places. But then they come out with "Jojo," which is more toned-down and a bit laid back. Like it or not?

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JE has always hammed it up for the TV screens when it comes to dramas, pairing JE idols like Kame and Pi, Takky and Ryo, Jin and Taguchi... But Uchi, Kame and Tegoshi in ONE drama? Let the JE fangirl-dom implode! More picspam and drama info under the cut!

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Rejoice Buzzer Beat fans! The onscreen chemistry and love affair of two of today's hottest Japanese stars goes far more than the drama?

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WTF photo of the day!

Can you guess who this sexy lady is?

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Okay, we haven't done polls for a while so it's time to make a difficult one! FT Island's Lee Hongki and MBLAQ's Mir have always been recognized as looking really alike---but which one do you like more?

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MBLAQ fangirls, get your right-click function ready 'cause here's an early Christmas treat brought to you by yours truly for y'all! G.O.O.D. Luv mv screen caps and more MBLAQ goodies!