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Fighting! Korean Celebs in gorgeous Hanbok!

Hello gorgeous people!

Since we're in a cultural mode for the past few posts, after the divine Japanese traditional clothing spazz we just had, I think it's time for us to go Hallyu!

The Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress that is simple, yet elegant. It has no pockets and has little or no patterns or bold designs. Usually the women wear it with bolero-style vests or long sleeves, whereas the men's casual wear consists usually of pieces of long sleeve, loose vest and loose pants.

Trust me, it's just as breathtaking and amazing. So let's not hold our breaths for too long and get on with the show! Here they are in their colorful silky Hanbok that is worn in formal occasions, festivals and weddings.

Boys and girls unite!

FT Island and Girls Generation would do well on a group date. Boys of FT do the staple IHEARTYOU sign.

Park Shiyeon adds a little fur trimmed vest to her hanbok

Singer with a lovely voice Younha

My all-time favorite model Go Ara wears hers with youthful colors

Wondergirls. Again with the IHEARTYOU sign. Why does everyone keep doing that?

Kang Dong Won in the movie "The Duelist." I swear, he looked way more pretty than Ha Ji Won in that flick. And if you've watched it you would've seen this amazing sword scene he did which was very fluid, sleek and nothing short of amazing. So cool. Love this guy, can't stress it enough!

Son Dam Bi. When she first came out with her debut album everyone was calling her the female Rain or the Korean Ciara (THE Ciara?). Meh. She's really a good dancer and all but there are a lot of other female artists who dance better. Maybe they meant she's as (un)original as Bi? Listen to her song Cry Eye and Justin Timberlake's Cry me a River and tell me what you think.

If Kang Dong Won is pretty cool, this guy is just plain pretty. Too pretty for his own good.

Man, the guy is flawless. He could pass off as a model for facial cream or something. She, er, he is prettier than most of the other girls here!

Sexy pop singer Ivy. I'm waiting for the day when she's gonna beat Hyori off the charts.

Rain. Meh.

Kwon Sang Woo's wifey Son Taeyoung

Sweetiepie Park Eunhye

Han Ji Hye in lovely dark silk.

The Golden Girls of Hallyu

The woman who started it all! Dae Jang Geum, on the second pic she's on the red carpet of an international film festival.

Lee Young Ae: Aw stop it you're making me blush!

The ever-bubbly and cute Jang Nara

Lee Da Hae does the no makeup look the best!

So does angel-faced Han Ga In

Regal beauty Kim Hee Sun. Gotta love her tourqoise earrings that added some color to her dark red and black Hanbok, it's just so unexpected. And her hair loosely pushed back looks subtle yet makes a statement.

Kim Tae Hee and little bro Lee Wan (sorry I couldn't find a pic that didn't cut him). Tae Hee's bright red color and her bright smile made up the whole look.

Lovely Song Hye Kyo is amazing. Can't say the same thing about her movie adaptation of Hwang Jin Yi though.

Here's the real Hwang Jin Yi! Ha Ji Won's acting was simply superb.

The designs of her Hanbok are gorgeous! And she carries them well with confidence and stride.

Goong Mania!! Kyahhh!

I was pretty excited when I heard about Se7en venturing into acting, I mean, the boy's got talent. But when it's announced that it's a franchise of Goong/ Princess Hours? It was sure to go downhill right there, baby. It had a pretty good premise and all, the plot had enough potential. Se7en was cute but was way too overacting and unnatural.

More Goong S fashion. Love the gold earrings!

They say imitation's the best form of flattery, but if you're gonna do it might as well own it and do a lot better!

Everyone bow down to royalty!

The King and Queen of Hearts.

Now the Goong original had a lot of really fun and unforgettable moments. The cast was fresh and young, even though they had to improve in the acting department (especially Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Jung Hoon), and even though there were draggy moments (like when the old royal people are conversing snoozfest) - the drama was phenomenal! Great chemistry and great tension!

What's great about princess Yoon Eun Hye is that she's not afraid to make fun of herself.

The whole Princess Hours gang!

This may be trivial and all but sometimes I watch Goong for the fashion!! OOOHLALA I want that black and red tiered skirt dress YEH has on which was Hanbok inspired yet had a modern twist to it.

The Royal Family

Kim Jung Hoon. I was so rooting for this guy.

Prepare for cute kids in Hanbok!!

Baby highness!

Awww.. *sings* Someday my prince will come...

*sings the Lion King song* Oh I just can't wait to be king!

Little Hwang Jin Yi and big sister Ha Ji Won

Honey Lee best represented the Hanbok that made the whole world take notice!

Hanbok reached Hollywood!

Which blonde does the Hanbok better? Paris Hilton vs. Britney

Tennis stars in Korea!

Sam Oh wears a Hanbok inspired dress on the red carpet

Nicholas Cage

Nicky Hilton does the formal wear and makes it her own. I'm not sure how the Hanbok experts will react but she looks great, and Sam Oh too.

R&B singer half-Korean half-American Amerie! Love her music! And how cute is she in this light colored tiered hanbok?



I was torn among Ha Ji Won, Honey Lee and Eun Yoon Hye for the top spot but no one can beat these er...

Teddy bears!

Don't you just wanna own one?

Which one among the Korean celebs is your fave? How about in the international category?

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